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Ciné Lab
"Coming Together"

In April 2022, the Athens Hip Hop Harmonic presented their spring collaboration, Coming Together at Ciné’s Lab - a downtown Athens intimate music room designed for listening parties. 


The show featured alternative R&B artist Convict Julie's most recent songs, co-created with  UGA lecturer of music Brandon Quarles and the musicians in the UGA Contemporary Chamber Ensemble. Linqua Franqa joined us as the dynamic narrator of Coming Together, a work written by Frederic Rzewski in response to the 1971 uprising at the Attica Correctional Facility in NY. Also on the show was Julius Eastman’s Stay on It, a work about "respect, mutual support in seeking and finding, about an openness to the world, in which people strive for self-liberation and in which the boundaries between classical and pop music collapse, because they represent false hierarchies."

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